I Should have went to work...

Let me give you some background about why my decision to NOT go to work would change EVERYTHING!!!

I have become fairly used to living a double at this point. I think the toughest part about it is having to lie to my family every day. I can’t tell my family what my day at work was actually like because I would be putting our country in danger.

Essentially, I have come to compartmentalize my life into two separate identities: my digital self, and my human self.

This all goes back to a different world where war and armies and militaries were known to all of society, causing fear among millions, and serving as a constant threat. Until about 75 years ago, this world was divided up into large regions called ‘continents’, and these continents were subdivided into ‘countries’ and the successions of these subdivisions continued on.

Constant tension existed between these countries mostly due to political, economic, and social issues. Each country had military units that would partake in violent and physical battles to try and solve their issues. Military activity could range from potential threats to massive wars like WWI and WWII. The worst part about warfare from the past is that all of society was aware of it and was put in danger because of it.

I simply cannot imagine a time where the general public had to worry about the threat of war and all of its negative effects. To think that there was a time where the human world was separated into different regions and continuous conflict over political, economic, and social topics is truly unbelievable in today’s human world.

. I am extremely thankful for the covert development of ARPANET, which allowed for a virtual world, where the human world could be protected from all violence and evil. ARPANET has served as a secret operation under the supervision of the United States military that allows the majority of society to live in a peaceful and unified world, free from war, tension, and separation. ARPANET and its technological advancements create the context for my hidden ‘digital self’, which is how I spend the other half of my day.

Since I decided not to go to work, the rest of the physical world must pay for my bad decision. By not going to work and other people not going to work, America (as an Internet identity) does not fulfill its role in the cyber world. The only other way for Cyber countries to resolve problems with America would be to start wars in the physical world again. This would completely disrupt the utopian world that has developed as a result of ARPANET and its advancements. However, by not participating in ARPANET, the threat of war in the physical world with innocent citizens becomes a huge threat.

I have essentially opened the door to an entirely new world where so much is unknown. I have put all of my family, friends, and innocent people in danger because I did not go to work.

I should probably go to work...(click "Work" giff to return to work")